Air International 1993-03
B.Wheeler - Seychelles Sequel
Flagship of the small Air Seychelles fleet is ‘Aldabra’, the long-range Boeing 767-2Q8ER which, until the arrival this month of the new 757, has operated the airline's international routes since July 1989. Considered the ‘best cared-for of its breed’, the aircraft is an lease from the Burbank, California-based company, International Lease Finance Corporation.
Sole survivor of the two nine-seat B-N Islanders originally operated in the 1970s is S7-AAA which continues to fly domestic services from Mahe.
The airline’s four DHC Twin Otters are heavily worked on five main routes out of Mahe, the most frequent being the 15-minute service to the island of Praslin with 16 flights per day. The longest service is to Desroches island, one hour away.
Distinctive colour scheme on one of the four Twin Otters in service.
Having delivered its 20 passengers to the paradise island of Prasline, a Twin Otter taxies out for the return flight to the main island of Mahe.
Air Seychelles will operate the Boeing 757 on its latest South African and Singapore routes. At the end of the initial three-year lease, the aircraft may be swapped for a 767.