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Fighter A to Z
The navalised Wib 74 variant which was operated by Escadrille 7C1 from the aircraft carrier Bearn.
The production version Wibault Wib 7
The second prototype Wib.13, which was completed as the Wib 121 with wing guns and camera provision for the fighter-reconnaissance role.
First flown in 1928 at Villacoublay, the Wib 13 Trombe (Whirlwind) was one of the several fighters developed in response to the official call for lightweight fighters in the so-called Jockey programme.
Named Simoun, the Wib 8 was built to meet an official specification which was later abandoned.
The Wib 9, tested in late 1926, was essentially a re-engined version of the Wib 7.
The prototype Wib 12