Air International 2002-06
E.Crump - City centre airports /Commercial/
Introduction of a new breed of regional aircraft, such as the Bombardier CRJ700, will help to ensure the development of city centre airports. Since the first delivery of this new generation 70-seater, Bombardier has delivered CRJ700s to six airlines in Europe and the United States.
In anticipation of operating out of London City Airport, the Embraer 170 has already demonstrated its ability to fly a 5 1/2° glide slope.
With its clam-shell airbrakes deployed, a BAe 146 passes over the threshold of London City Airport’s runway. The high obstacles surrounding the airport call for a particularly steep approach.
Ronald Reagan National Airport in Washington stands in the shadow of the White House, the Pentagon and other Washington landmarks. It is still operating well below the permitted level of about 800 flights serving 69 cities, because of reduced demand.
Aircraft lining up at Ronald Reagan National Airport in Washington. The Boeing 737-800 at the head of the line is currently restricted to 155 seats. If proposals continue to develop the airport as a regional airport, other regional types will become commonplace.