Air International 2022-05
P.Eden - Boom!
Overture will draw on technologies that will be tested on the XB-1, a one-third demonstrator planned to fly this year.
With Overture, Boom is leveraging advancements in aerodynamics, materials and propulsion
In January 2022, Boom entered a three-year strategic partnership agreement with the United States Air Force to investigate the potential for a supersonic personnel transport. The contract is worth up to $60m
Boom’s impressions of the Overture supersonic transport show a triple-engine configuration. The company is working with Rolls-Royce to develop a 100% SAF-buming turbofan
North Carolina's Overture Superfactory will include a taxiway bridge over Interstate 73
The needle-like Overture aircraft will boast impressive ramp presence
Overture will initially offer a premium passenger experience on its supersonic flights
Exosonic is initially developing an adversary UAV for the US Air Force, using elements of the technology destined for its supersonic airliner