Air International 2022-08
T.Fish - Protect Yourself
The ALE-50 towed decoy system consists of the launch controller, launcher and the towed decoy. It is being further developed by Raytheon to include a new dual band towed towed decoy to protect the F/A-18 Super Hornet from missiles operating on both the X-band and S-band frequencies
The ALE-47 countermeasures dispenser system is able to interface with a wide variety of radar, laser and missile warning receivers and jammers. This reduces the cost of installation. It has a cockpit control unit, sequencer units, dispensers and a programmer
The BriteCloud 55 countermeasures system was first developed by Selex in 2013 following close co-operation with the UK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory and the Royal Air Force. The RAF’s 41 Squadron tested BriteCloud in April 2019
The Misys DIRCM system is designed to protect aircraft from IR-guided missiles by overwhelming a missile seeker head with a sudden and massive stream of coded laser energy, to neutralise a threat as soon as it is launched