Air International 2022-08
M.Broadbent - To each their own
The low-wing CH 650 retails from US$20,500
Build your own: a CH 650 kit laid out
The Zenith Aircraft range in Mexico, Missouri
A CH 750 Super Duty with a Catto Propellers prop
Short take-off and landing: a fundamental aspect of Zenith Aircraft
As part of the charity Aerobility’s Building A Dream project, a CH 750 is the first aircraft in the UK to be built by disabled volunteers
Zenith offers a STOL CH 750 Cruzer version of the CH 750
Zenith Aircraft are classified by the FAA as experimental amateur-built aircraft, and they are on the CAA register as Permit to Fly
CH 750 and CH 750 Cruzer outside Zenith’s HQ in Mexico, Missouri
A ‘Super Duty’ variant of the CH 750 introduced in 2013 enables additional payload
The STOL CH 701 has been produced since 1986 and remains popular
Homebuilding lets pilots go to town customising their aircraft, giving them “ultimate freedom” over their kit, from the technology to the paint job
Zenith uses flatscreen glass cockpit technology to simplify the cockpit