Air International 2022-08
J.Winchester - Desert Diversity
F-16C Block 40 (serial 9923) leads a formation of EAF-operated Fighting Falcons during Exercise Agile Phoenix, which took place in Egypt in June and July 2022. The Egyptian squadrons flew with F-16s from the Minnesota Air National Guard’s 148th Fighter Wing
Orange recognition stripes first appeared on EAF Mirage 5s during the 1977 border war with Libya. Since then, they have been used by F-4Es and some F-16s, including this Block 40 (serial 9855), seen from a USAF tanker in 2022
France has long been a valuable defence partner of Egypt, including participating in joint exercises, as illustrated by this C-135FR refuelling Mirage 2000s and Rafales
Egypt’s single squadron of Mirage 2000s operates the oldest examples still in service. They are likely to be replaced by whichever fourth-generation fighter the EAF inducts next
The majority of Egypt’s Fulcrums are two-seat MiG-29M2s. They offer a much better capability than the F-16s, which were supplied downgraded to a lower specification than Israel’s
Egypt’s Mig-29Ms and Rafales have a buddy refuelling capability. Here one of the former unreels its drogue during the annual Qader joint exercise in 2020
A MIG-29M2 deploys its brake chute on landing. The main MiG base is Wadi Abu Rish, to the south of Cairo, although detachments can be found elsewhere. Note the R-77 ‘Adder’ AAM under the wing
Egypt's initial Rafale order consisted of 16 two-seater DMs and eight single-seat EMs. The order made in 2021 is reportedly 18 EMs and 12 DMs to F3-R standard. A further order of Rafale F4s is a strong prospect
Egypt was the first export customer for the Rafale, as it was for the Mirage 2000. Here, one of the initial batch of two-seat Rafale DMs is seen before delivery in 2015