Air International 2022-08
T.Batchelor - Fly in the ointment?
According to Volocopter, multiple VoloPorts will be positioned at key traffic junctions within a city, such as airports and train stations
Through its partnership with Embraer, Eve has decades of experience working with the FAA and other regulators in developing new aircraft
Joby Aviation is developing a manufacturing facility in Marina, California, and has offices and workshops in Santa Cruz, San Carlos, Washington DC and Munich, Germany
In December 2020, Joby became the first eVTOL company to receive airworthiness approval from the US Air Force
Operating at 45dba, Archer aircraft are designed to be virtually inaudible while flying overhead
Israeli start-up AIR expects certification in 2023, before first deliveries in 2024
Lightweight and easy to transport, the RYSE RECON fits into a standard parking space, according to its manufacturer
The RYSE RECON was made for those who “survey landscapes, supply people and save lives”, the company says