Air International 2022-08
B.Taghvaee - Route to renovation
The nose section of RF-5A 2-7212 was installed on the vertical stabiliser of a Tu-154M to test the Sarir ejection seats for Project Simorgh in 2011
2-7250 is one of the ex-Ethiopian F-5As procured in 1985. It is used by the 43rd CCTS for weapons training. It is shown after a post-restoration test flight in Tehran on October 8, 2011
Ex-Ethiopian 3-7012B originally belonged to IIAF and was donated to Ethiopia by Iran in 1971. Here, it can be seen at Tehran in 2009
The first F-5B Simorgh, 3-7015B, taking off from the 4th TFB ‘Vahdati’ at Dezful in 2015
3-7009B is the oldest operational F-5B of the 43rd CCTS. It was delivered to the IIAF in 1970 and was never transferred to another country during its life in the IRIAF. It spent ten years in storage after restoration in 2009, but it is believed to have been returned to service in 2019
This ex-Ethiopian Air Force F-5B with serial 3-7013B crashed on April 28, 2013
3-7020 is the sixth F-5B Simorgh produced. It is currently deployed with the 43rd CCTS
The first F-5B Simorgh, 3-7015B taking off from 4th TFB ‘Vahdati’ at Dezful in 2015
Northrop-built F-5B 3-7002 in service with the 71st CCTS at 7th TFB in 1987
Still unpainted, Simorgh 3-7015B is shown a test flight by Colonel Morteza Khani at the 8th TFB in 1989. Its former serial number, 2-7208, is still visible on its vertical stabiliser.
3-7021 is the seventh produced F-5B Simorgh and the first fitted with Sarir ejection seats