Aeroplane Monthly 1984-03
L.Coombs - Cockpits of the RAF (6)
Cockpit of the first production Vampire, TG278, at Hatfield in August 1945.
A total of 430 Sabres was supplied to the RAF, with deliveries commencing in 1952. These Sabres participated in Exercise Battle Royal in Northern Germany at the end of September, 1954.
The CO of 92 Sqn collects his bone dome prior to flying a Hunter Mk 6.
Instructor's view of a Meteor T.7.
Front and rear seats of a Meteor Mk 7. All Meteor 7s had spade grip control, though later fighter versions had a pistol grip, like that of the Vampire.
Катастрофа первого «Вулкана». 20 сентября 1958 г.
Conway-engined Avro Vulcan disintergrates at RAF Syerston on September 20, 1958, during a low flypast. All four crew were killed - the pilots probably could not eject because the old Martin Baker seats were not suitable for low altitude.
Gladiator pilot of a Coastal Command Met. Flight, 1941. The flying jacket has arrived.
Live ejection from Meteor 7 WA634 at zero feet. Note F.8 tail and modified cockpit canopy.