Aeroplane Monthly 1984-05
Personal album
A Bristol Blenheim coded -PT, presumably of 62 Squadron, somewhere in India.
Westland Wapitis and a lone Blenheim I at Risalpur in 1938. Next to the Blenheim is Wapiti K1295, a Mk IIA that spent its entire life with 28 Sqn, being delivered in the winter of 1930-31 and finally struck off RAF charge in February 1940.
Hawker Hart K2132 seen after crashing on the approach to Risalpur on June 6. 1938. This aircraft flew with 11 and 39 Squadrons.
Three RAF aircraft at Lahore in 1938. On the right is Airspeed Envoy N9107 of the Delhi Communication Flight. In the centre is Hawker Audax K4862, which flew with Nos 20 and 39 Sqns before diving into the ground at Risalpur in May 1939. At left is Envoy N9018, also of the Delhi Communications Flight and previously G-AFJE. This aircraft crashed at Mingaladon in Rangoon in February 1942.
A 520lb bomb on its way from a Vickers Valentia of B. T. Flight, Lahore, to flatten a village inhabited by troublesome tribes. The villagers had been forewarned of the attack, by airdropped leaflets. Such raids as this would, it was hoped, bring warring tribes together to fight the common enemy - the RAF!
Left, a Valentia at RAF Ambala being bombed up with 20lb and 520lb bombs by Cpl Bailey. The smaller bombs were used as sighters. Middle, a Valentia bombed up and ready for operations. Note the 8 1/2 lb practice bombs and the graffiti. Note too that the tarmac is bricked - RAF Risalpur in 1938. Right, a Valentia at RAF Lahore in 1938 with a spare engine stowed, en route to another squadron.
A fine study of the Airspeed Envoy N9107, photographed at Lahore in 1938. This aircraft was initially registered as G-AFJD to the High Commissioner for India in August 1938. In the same month the Envoy Series III passed to the Delhi Communication Flight and was based at Willingdon Airport.