Aeroplane Monthly 1984-12
J.Newman - Oshkosh '84
A Grumman F9F-2 Panther
This 3/4 scale Jenny powered by a 35 h.p. Cuyuna is produced by the Cloud Dancer Airplane Works of Columbus.
A 7/8 scale Nieuport 11 powered by a 30 h.p. Cuyuna engine. The empty weight is 275lb.
Bob Lyjak’s Waco Taperwing during its smoke routine
Earl and Paula Cherry with their Stearman wingwalking act
View of the spectacular Rutan Voyager. The twin booms will contain the fuel for the proposed round the world flight.
The very practical Avid Flyer is powered by a 45 h.p. two-stroke Cuyuna engine.
Replica Gee Bee Y photographed by HOWARD LEVY
HOWARD LEVY'S photograph of the Savoia Marchetti S.56B replica
Jim Miller has been flying a single-seat T-tail racer for more than ten years. This year he turned up with the two-seat Miller GEM-260, a composite racer powered by a 100 h.p. Continental O-200 engine. It is claimed that the Miller has a top speed of 270 m.p.h., a cruising speed of 235 m.p.h. and a stalling speed of 75 m.p. h. First kit deliveries are expected to begin in January next year.
The two-seat Miller GEM-260
Glamorous Glennis! The cockpit of Gen Chuck Yeager's new ultra-light American Aircraft Falcon, produced by Larry Newman, one of the trans-Atlantic balloonists.
Chuck Yeager's American Aircraft Falcon XP
The diminutive Mory Hummel Bird
Hello sailor! This motif was seen on the tail of Pete Plumb 's DAF-powered Crackerjack and is the logo of the Crackerjack nutty crunch manufacturer in the USA.