Aeroplane Monthly 1985-02
T.Heffernan - Something special from Somerset (2)
Whirlwind I P7112 poses for Flight’s cameraman in September 1941. This particular aircraft flew with 263 Sqn.
A 137 Sqn Whirlwind about to be bombed up with 250lb bombs. Whirlwinds could carry a 1,000lb bomb load and fighter bombers were equipped with Mk III Universal bomb carriers for that purpose.
Whirlwind with everything dangling on demonstration to Flight’s photographer. Westland test pilot Harald Penrose is the pilot.
A happy group photograph of 137 Sqn aircrew. Whirlwind P7002 in the background was ditched off Deal in April 1943.
Correspondent J. B. Wray identifies the aircrew in the picture as follows (left to right): Plt Off Luing; Fg Off Musgrave (Australian); Flt Sgt Roberts; Sgt Barclay; Flt Lt Bryan; Plt Off de Houx (Canadian); Sgt Smith; Plt Off McClure (Canadian); unidentified; Sgt Sutherland; unidentified; unidentified; Sqn Ldr Coghlan (CO); Sgt O'Neill; Flt Sgt Woodhouse. The dog in front of them is the squadron mascot, Lynne.
Armourers attending to a 137 Sqn Whirlwind. The character dangling over the four 20mm Hispano cannon has obviously been told to look busy!
Whirlwind P7055 of 137 Sqn rests between sorties. It was struck off RAF charge in September 1944.
Loading a 250lb bomb onto the Mk III Universal carrier on a 137 Sqn Whirlwind.