Aeroplane Monthly 1985-05
A.Lumsden, T.Heffernan - Probe Probare (12)
The size of the Ensign s massive undercarriage is apparent in this photograph of G-ADSR
This shot of G-ADSR was taken during flight tests in the spring of 1938.
The sixth Ensign off the production line, G-ADSW Eddystone, went to Martlesham for testing at the end of April 1939.
G-ADSS Egeria, the second Ensign, attracts some local interest as it crosses the road at Hamble on the way to taxying tests in 1938.
G-ADSR as it approaches to land with everything dangling.
G-ADSR at Hamble before its first flight. In the background on the left is the A.W.23 bomber-transport prototype, K3585.