Aeroplane Monthly 1985-06
??? - RAF Pageantry
Making their first appearance at any display were the Harts of 15 Sqn, seen taking off for the aerial drill display.
The Wallace pretends to refuel a Hart.
The flying boats: In the vee, left to right, are the Vickers-Supermarine "Scapa" and "Stranraer," Short "Sarafand" and "Singapore III," and Saro "London"; bringing up the rear is the Saro "Cloud" (Short "Knuckleduster" ???)
Like fish out of water - six flying-boats from Felixstowe. They are, from left to right, Scapa, Stranraer, Sarafand, Singapore, London and, in the rear, the Cloud.
A Hendon newcomer was the prototype Gloster Gladiator, K5200. Note the open cockpit canopy! The pilot is Flt LtA.B. Woodhall.
With hooks at the ready six 26 Sqn Audaxes come in low over the crowd to snatch messages from the ground.
Schoolchildren marvel at 26 Sqn’s Audaxes from the roof of a bus.
The Seagull V, flown by Flt Lt J. Bradbury, waddles past the enclosures before delivery to the Royal Australian Air Force.
Early production Avro 652A Anson flown by Flt Lt W. H. Markham.
The unfortunate Fg Off I. V. Hue-Williams sliding along the grass in Tutor K4809 - a replacement aircraft was in the air almost immediately.
Aerial view of the New Types park with the A.W.23 in the centre.
Two Virginias drop twelve 200 lb weights - the Hendon crowd expected parachutists.
The A.W.23 bomber transport, powered by two 810 h.p. Armstrong Siddeley Tigers, being demonstrated by Flt Lt C. E. Horrex.
The H.P.47 general purpose monoplane, powered by a 750 h.p. Pegasus III engine, being flown by Sqn Ldr E. G. Hilton.
The Vickers Type 253 general purpose biplane, powered by a 750 h.p. Pegasus III engine, was flown by Flt Lt H. P. Fraser.
Flt Lt G. F. Simond taxies the Hawker P.V.3 general purpose dive bomber - a derivative of the Hart powered by a 920 h.p. Pegasus X engine.