Air Pictorial 1977-01
J.Hardy - Northwest Orient
Northwest operated thirty-six Boeing 707-351Bs and 'Cs, from June 1963 onwards, but all but eight have now been sold, being replaced by Boeing 747s and DC-10s
Northwest's first Boeing 720-051B, N721US. It was sold in 1971 to the Formosan Government for use as a VIP transport by General Chiang Kai-Shek
Northwest entered the big jet field with Douglas DC-8 Series 32s but these were sold in favour of Boeing 707s. DC-8 N804US (illus.) went to National as N7183C
Boeing 747-51 N601US was Northwest’s first "Jumbo". Altogether twenty 747s are now in service, with a 747-251F on order, and the type may soon be operating into Europe
Boeing 377 Stratocruisers flew the Far East, Honolulu and major domestic routes and seated eighty-three passengers. Shown here is N74607 fitted with KC-97G type nose radar as a trial installation and consequently renamed "Rudolph the Radar Nose"
Boeing 727-251 N261US. At present sixty-three 727s are in service, having replaced Boeing 720Bs, Electras and DC-6Bs on the airline's domestic routes
Douglas DC-6Bs took over many of the services previously operated by DC-4s. Seen here is DC-6B N572 which was sold to Sterling Airways in 1964 as OY-BAT
Northwest was the first customer for the JT9D-powered McDonnell Douglas DC-10 Series 40. N143US (Illus.) is one of twenty-two now in service
N284 was Northwest's first DC-7C and, like several others of this type, was later converted into a freighter by Douglas
Starting in September 1959 Lockheed L-188C Electras took over many of the more important domestic routes, but have now been withdrawn from service. Illustrated is N130US
Northwest used its L-1049G Super Constellations for less than two years (1955-57) before selling them to LAV. N5172V (illus.) became YV-C-ANB