Air International 2011-01
K.Paloulian - Aegean Phantoms /F-4 Phantom/
Twenty-nine former Luftwaffe RF-4Es were transferred to the Hellenic Air Force in 1993-1994 including 69-7464, operated by 338 Squadron based at Larissa AB.
Maintenance technicians conduct pre-flight checks on an RF-4E at Larissa AB.
The ASTAC reconnaissance pod fitted to an RF-4E.
Aft cockpit of an RF-4E fitted with a Garmin GPS set;
F-4E AUP 01513 departs Andravida AB during the Hellenic Air Force Fighter Weapons Course carrying a Litening II targeting pod.
Hellenic Air Force F-4E AUP prototype 01523, ‘Princess of Andravida’ first flew from Manching, Germany on April 28, 1999.
Hellenic Air Force F-4E AUP prototype 01523, ‘Princess of Andravida’ parked on the flight line at Manching, Germany.
One of 28 former US Air Force F-4Es supplied to Greece by the US government in 1992 was 67-0377. The aircraft were referred to as the F-4E SRA, an acronym standing for South Eastern Regional Amendment.
Four F-4E SRA Phantoms on the last chance ramp at Andravida AB, home of 338 Squadron;
Aft cockpit of an F-4E AUP reshaped and fitted with two colour multi-function displays;
Head-up display of an F-4E AUP, note the ‘bird slicer’ aerials of the AN/APX-113 IFF system in front of the canopy;
Aft cockpit of an F-4E SRA;