Air Pictorial 1977-03
J.Fail - R.A.F. Heavy Bombers in the Far East (2)
A Liberator B.VI of No. 215 Squadron taking off from an airfield, possibly Digri, in India. Unit marking comprised two horizontal white bars on black rudder
A Liberator B.VI of No. 355 Squadron returning to its base after a raid in early 1945. Note extended ventral turret and No. 355's identification symbols - black and white vertical stripes on the rudder
No. 356 Squadron Liberator B.VIs leaving Ramree Island after bombing Japanese military targets. Ramree was captured shortly after this raid by a seaborne assault by XV Corps. Nearest aircraft is KH272 "D (Daedalus)”. Note No. 356‘s while cross on black rudder marking
KN752 "F" of No. 356 Squadron takes off from the Cocos Islands. August 1945
No. 355 Squadron B.VI, believed to be EW267, over typical Burmese countryside
Close-up of Liberator B.Vl KH284, with code "D" in grey on nose, when newly delivered to No. 99 Squadron at Dhubalia in December 1944
Early morning preparations on No. 99 Squadron’s Liberator B.VIs at Dhubalia, January 1945 Centre aircraft is KH315 "H"
Liberator B.VIII KPT36 "P" of No. 159 Squadron in December 1945 on survey duties for the Government of Bengal. Note that 0.5-in. guns have been removed
"Donald III" badge on nose of KH284 in mid-1945, by which time it had flown 26 missions, denoted by bomb symbols under cockpit
Rear view of KH284 in mid-1945 with code "D" in red. "SNAKE" inscription above code (denoted tropicalised for R.A.F.), and No. 99 Squadron's while disc on black fin marking
KH284 in a blast shelter at Dhubalia, mid-1945. This aircraft later became "K" of No. 356 Squadron and ended its days in the "graveyard" at Chakeri
Republic Thunderbolt II HD244 ”ZT:Z" of No. 258 Squadron about to return to base after escorting Liberators on a raid on ammunition and petrol dumps in the Rangoon area. The Thunderbolt (drop tanks gone) was photographed by the author from the Lib's waist gun position