Air International 2011-11
K.Grozev - Balkan Fulkrum Missile Shoot /Military/
Serbian single-seat and Bulgarian twin-seat Fulcrums during a familiarisation sortie over Bulgaria prior to the live missile firings.
MiG-29 18102 is one of the three single-seat Fulcrums serving with the Serbian air arm. Four surviving single-seat and one twin-seat were refurbished and upgraded in 2007 by RAC MiG, but one single-seat was lost in an accident at Batajnica in 2009.
The live firing session in Bulgaria represented the first-ever foreign deployment of Serbian MiG-29s.
Bulgarian MiG-29 '24' seen again taking-off loaded with two R-27R1 beyond visual range missiles.
Lt Col Brane Knjajic, Commander of the 101 st Fighter Squadron 'Vitezovi', is one of the two Serbian pilots who practised live air-to-air missile firings at the Bulgarian Shabla Range.
Bulgarian Fulcrum '24' takes off for an experimental firing with the R-73 whose service life needs to be extended by another year.
Major Krasimir Nikolov, this year's designated Alamo shooter, is the Chief of Staff of 2nd Fighter Squadron at Graf Ignatievo and is posing here beside an R-27R1 missile.
A Bulgarian-developed Telesys RUM R-1 jet-powered drone was used for live firings of the Bulgarian MiG-29 using an R-27R1 BVR missile as well as a Bulgarian S-300 (SA-10) SAM system.