Air Pictorial 1977-05
J.Holmes - The Hart Family (2)
Line-up of Audax (India) of No. 20 Squadron in the late 1930s. Nearest two machines are K4854 ”N" and K4845 "A", both built by Gloster
One of twenty-four Armstrong-Siddeley Panther-engined Audax built by Avro for the Ft. Egyptian A.F. and delivered in 1937-38. Serials were K400-405 (with Panther V1A engines) and K501-518 (Panther X)
Audax trainers (K7425 nearest) make a low pass over an airfield under construction. They are wearing the standard training camouflage introduced just before the war - green and brown top-sides and yellow undersurfaces
Another customer for the Pegasus-powered Audax was the Iraqi A.F. which acquired thirty-four aircraft. The type was known as the "Nisr" in Iraqi service
The Demon was introduced into R.A F. service in March 1931 when six pre-production "Hart Fighters" were delivered to No. 23 Squadron at Kenley. Shown here in No. 23's colours are four of the first true production Demons
Demons of No. 29 Squadron, North Weald, practising for the 1935 Empire Air Day. Squadron colours consisted of red cross-hatching on fuselage sides and upper wing
Intimate close-up of Demon K5687, with K5683-5 behind, of No. 607 (County of Durham) Squadron, an Auxiliary unit based at Usworth, in the spring of 1938
Smart box formation of four No. 23 Squadron Demons bearing the red and blue squares squadron insignia on their upper wings and fuselage sides
The first production Demon, K2842, which flew on 10th February 1933. Cut-down rear cockpit, with canted ring to give the gunner a better field of fire, was the main feature which distinguished it from the Hart
Demons of No. 600 (City of London) Squadron, Hendon, peeling off. Note tailwheels instead of skids
Turret Demon K5705 of No. 23 Squadron in 1938, just before the squadron re-equipped with Blenheim IFs
Pre-war mishap. Demon K5692 of No. 607 Squadron, slightly bent, on arrival at Southend for the 1937 Summer Camp. The gunner appears to be unloading his baggage