Air Pictorial 1977-06
J.Gradidge - The Heathrow Scene
Bangladesh Biman have three Boeing 707s, including 707-351C S2-ABN, c/n. 19168, ex-Northwest Airlines (illustrated). The airline's name is in English on the port side of the fuselage and local script on the other. For a time an ex-Pan American 707-321B was used on lease, registered S2-ABM, but this has now been sold in the Philippines
Malaysian Airlines System (MAS) have three Boeing 707-338Cs which they bought from Qantas. The first of these was 9M-ASO c/n. 18955, seen here in its basically red colour scheme. It operates regularly from Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian capital, but has since been re-registered 9M-MCO
"Caesar's Chariot”is the name applied to Boeing 720-022 N7224U, one of four operated by McCulloch International Airlines of Long Beach, California, who also have three Lockheed Electras. A charter airline, McCulloch acquired the Boeing shown from United
Air Ceylon, the national airline of Sri Lanka, operate this orange and blue schemed McDonnell Douglas DC-8-32, 4R-ACQ, c/n. 45604. It was leased from UTA in March 1972 and was previously F-BLLC, but started life as N803US with Northwest
Air Jamaica took delivery of DC-8-62 6Y-JII, c/n. 46084, from United with whom it was registered N8972U; it has red and yellow trim. Air Jamaica's fleet now includes two DC-8-61s, in addition to the DC-8-62. The airline's route network embraces several destinations in the U.S.A. and Canada, and Frankfurt as well as Heathrow in Europe
LOT (Polskie Linie Lotnicze) use both Tupolev Tu-134s and Ilyushin Il-62s on the run from Poland to Heathrow, replacing the earlier Il-18s. SP-LHA, depicted here, was the first Tu-134A model with longer fuselage, but still has nose glazing for the navigator. LOT's fleet includes five Tu-134s, seven Tu-134As and six Il-62s
Second of two Boeing 747-SP94s delivered to Syrian Arab Airlines (Syrianair), YK-AHB is seen arriving at London (Heathrow) on an early visit. Livery is white fuselage top with blue trim and fin. The "SP" (Special Performance) is a short-body long-range version of the 747
Smallest airliner in the Boeing range is the twin-jet 737, represented here by Air Algerie's 737-2D6 7T-VEK which is used on the route from Casablanca. Air Algerie have eleven 737s in service and another two on order
Air New Zealand operate their DC-10-30s regularly on a joint British Airways route via Los Angeles to Auckland, the first sector being under charter to the British airline. Air New Zealand have seven DC-10-30s in service and another one on order. ZK-NZM, illustrated, shows the airline's colourful dark blue and turquoise scheme with Maori "Koru" symbol on the fin
Until Thai Airways International received their two new McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30s, they used a couple of leased aircraft. Shown here in Thai's mauve and black colour scheme is HG-TGA, c/n. 46850, while on lease in December 1976. It was originally ordered by UTA as F-BTDB and has now been returned