Air Pictorial 1977-06
J.Gradidge - The Heathrow Scene
Malaysian Airlines System (MAS) have three Boeing 707-338Cs which they bought from Qantas. The first of these was 9M-ASO c/n. 18955, seen here in its basically red colour scheme. It operates regularly from Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian capital, but has since been re-registered 9M-MCO
Bangladesh Biman have three Boeing 707s, including 707-351C S2-ABN, c/n. 19168, ex-Northwest Airlines (illustrated). The airline's name is in English on the port side of the fuselage and local script on the other. For a time an ex-Pan American 707-321B was used on lease, registered S2-ABM, but this has now been sold in the Philippines
"Caesar's Chariot”is the name applied to Boeing 720-022 N7224U, one of four operated by McCulloch International Airlines of Long Beach, California, who also have three Lockheed Electras. A charter airline, McCulloch acquired the Boeing shown from United
Air Ceylon, the national airline of Sri Lanka, operate this orange and blue schemed McDonnell Douglas DC-8-32, 4R-ACQ, c/n. 45604. It was leased from UTA in March 1972 and was previously F-BLLC, but started life as N803US with Northwest
Air Jamaica took delivery of DC-8-62 6Y-JII, c/n. 46084, from United with whom it was registered N8972U; it has red and yellow trim. Air Jamaica's fleet now includes two DC-8-61s, in addition to the DC-8-62. The airline's route network embraces several destinations in the U.S.A. and Canada, and Frankfurt as well as Heathrow in Europe
LOT (Polskie Linie Lotnicze) use both Tupolev Tu-134s and Ilyushin Il-62s on the run from Poland to Heathrow, replacing the earlier Il-18s. SP-LHA, depicted here, was the first Tu-134A model with longer fuselage, but still has nose glazing for the navigator. LOT's fleet includes five Tu-134s, seven Tu-134As and six Il-62s
Second of two Boeing 747-SP94s delivered to Syrian Arab Airlines (Syrianair), YK-AHB is seen arriving at London (Heathrow) on an early visit. Livery is white fuselage top with blue trim and fin. The "SP" (Special Performance) is a short-body long-range version of the 747
Smallest airliner in the Boeing range is the twin-jet 737, represented here by Air Algerie's 737-2D6 7T-VEK which is used on the route from Casablanca. Air Algerie have eleven 737s in service and another two on order
Until Thai Airways International received their two new McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30s, they used a couple of leased aircraft. Shown here in Thai's mauve and black colour scheme is HG-TGA, c/n. 46850, while on lease in December 1976. It was originally ordered by UTA as F-BTDB and has now been returned
Air New Zealand operate their DC-10-30s regularly on a joint British Airways route via Los Angeles to Auckland, the first sector being under charter to the British airline. Air New Zealand have seven DC-10-30s in service and another one on order. ZK-NZM, illustrated, shows the airline's colourful dark blue and turquoise scheme with Maori "Koru" symbol on the fin