Air Pictorial 1977-08
I.Stott - Edinburg's Own
No. 603 Squadron's pilots and groundcrew at Turnhouse in 1954. The Vampire FB.5 at the far end, just before the two Meteors, is WG833 OS", personal mount of the then Leader of the Scottish Auxiliary Wing, W/Cdr. W. G. G. Duncan Smith
No. 603 is inspected by the A.O.C., No. 66 (Scottish) Reserve Group, in 1947. Nearest Spitfire is LF.16E TF477 "RAJ:D" with a yellow spinner
No. 603 Squadron Meteor T.7 WG949 "2" at Turnhouse on a grey day in January 1957
A Hawker Hart of No. 603 Squadron over the Lothians in 1934. This particular machine, K3859, carries the "pre-official" squadron badge on its fin