Air Pictorial 1977-10
P.Thompson - The R.Danish A.F. Today
Close-up of nose of Dakota K-681, c/n. 19664, at Vaerlose in late 1975. Note badge of Esk721 behind cockpit window. When applied to aircraft, squadron shields, as depicted above, are incorporated into a crowned badge with wings symbolising movement
Dakota K-683, c/n. 19677, ex-R. Norwegian A.F., serves with Esk721 and is seen in the current olive drab scheme with dayglo panels. Picture was taken at Vaerlese in 1975
C-54D Skymaster N-706, c/n. 10811, ex 42-72706, was acquired by the R. Danish A.F. in August 1959 but was withdrawn from use in late 1975
Danish Starfighters operate from Aalborg. Shown here is F-104G R-645, ex-U.S.A.F. 6313645, one of the original batch supplied under MAP in 1964-65
Aerospatiale Alouette III M-030 is one of eight operated by the R. Danish Navy but maintained by Esk722
SAAB TF-35 Draken AT-157 of the Royal Danish Air Force
The first three SAAB F-35 Drakens, A-002, '3 and ’4, were collected by Danish pilots on 1st September 1970 and flown to Karup to re-equip Esk725
Draken AR-111, seen touching down, is one of twenty aircraft of the RF-35 reconnaissance version acquired for Esk729; note camera nose
TF-35 Draken AT-157, first of the second batch of five two-seaters, was delivered to the R. Danish A.F. in mid-1976
Lockheed C-130H Hercules B-678, c/n. 4572, delivered 18th April 1975, was first of three to enter service with Esk721
Lockheed T-33A DT-491. A dozen of the twenty-seven supplied in 1953 remained in service until early this year but have now been withdrawn
Sikorsky S-61A-1 U-276 was the first of its type to be introduced into Esk722's inventory, for long-range SAR, in the summer of 1965.
Most recent acquisitions are the SAAB T-17 Supporters. T-401, the first (illus.), was delivered on 11th September 1975
One of the D.H. Canada Chipmunk T.20s which served the R. Danish A.F. for almost a quarter-century, P-125, c/n. C1/0104, delivered June 1950, has since been withdrawn.
Kramme-Zeuthen KZ.VII Laerke O-620, c/n. 182, an indigenous product