Air Pictorial 1977-11
M.Hooks - Finland's Air Show
The Finnish A.F. also provided two Mil Mi-8 helicopters - HS-4 illustrated
Finnish A.F. MiG-21F MG-91 of HavLv 31, based at Rissala, gave an excellent flying display in very bad weather. Note lynx badge on fin which once adorned Brewster Buffaloes of HLeLv 24, the Finnish A.F.'s crack fighter unit World War II
DO-10 is one of several C-47 Dakotas still used by Ilmavoimat
Sikorsky S-55 OH-HSA gave a water bombing demonstration
Swedish-designed Malmo Flygindustri MFI-9 OH-MFI
Kar-Air Piper Super Cub 150 OH-CPN acted as a glider tug
Salora Flights' Dassault Falcon 20 OH-FFJ "Finlandia"
One of Ilmavoimat's two Ilyushin Il-28 target tugs, NH-3, appeared in the flying display. Note T.T. gear under rear fuselage
Kar-Air's veteran Lockheed Lodestar OH-VKU with survey equipment
Veteran Valmet Viima II OH-VII after its crash landing
Oldest powered aircraft at the Show was Klemm Kl 25D OH-ILI "Adolf Aarno".
Pitts Specials OH-XPA and 'B gave an aerobatic display
Finnwings, a local charter company, put up a formation of five Cessna twins. Here Cessna 401 OH-CDS (nearer) and 402 OH-CHM are taking off to join 402s OH-CDU and OH-CHL plus 404 Titan OH-CHI (lead aircraft)
Partenavia P.68B OH-PVC was exhibited by Soffco Aviation
The Finnish Air Force provided three formations of three SAAB 91D Safirs, this group comprising SF-17, SF-32 and SF-34.
Junkers A-50 Junior OH-ABB in Helsinki Airport's terminal.
PIK-20E powered glider OH-520 with retractable engine
PIK-19 Muhinu OH-MHX, another Finnish design, towed a glider
Earlier PIK-15 OH-YHB bears an obvious resemblance to the PIK-19
The prototype Valmet Viinka basic trainer, formerly known as the LEKO-70