Air Pictorial 1977-12
I.Stott - U.S.A.F. win at "Lossie"
No. 208 Squadron Buccaneer XV352 in the "desert" wrap-around camouflage applied for participation earlier this year in the "Red Flag" exercise at Nellis AFB, Nevada
Jaguar GR.1 s of Nos. 14, 17 and 41 Squadrons tightly packed into one of Lossiemouth's hangars
Jaguar GR.1 XZ371 "BP" of No. 17 Squadron, part of the R.A.F. Germany contingent, on short finals.
Vought A-7D Corsair II 74-1751 of the U.S.A.F.'s 23rd Tactical Fighter Wing - outright winners of the competition - lands at Lossiemouth after a sortie to the Tain weapons range
Line-up at Lossiemouth of the six participating 23rd TFW A-7D Corsair IIs, with 71-353 nearest. Another four aircraft were brought along as spares
Between missions General Dynamics F-111E 63-037 from the U.S.A.F.'s 55th TFS, 20th TFW, R.A.F. Upper Heyford, sits forlornly on the ramp at Lossiemouth