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??? - Strtikemaster: The versatile tutor
The Kuwait Air Force is one of the several Middle East countries using the Strikemaster, having purchased 12.
The 10 Strikemasters purchased by the Royal New Zealand Air Force are among the most completely-equipped examples of the type so far.
Saudi Arabia has recently placed a repeat order for Strikemasters, to add to 25 delivered in 1968.
Another early Strikemaster recipient was the Yemen
More recently Singapore has acquired 16 Strikemasters.
One of the batch of Strikemasters for New Zealand, carrying Matra rocket pods on the inboard pylons and fuel tanks outboard.
The picture shows one of the 16 Strikemasters supplied to Singapore.
Access to the Strikemaster's cockpit is facilitated by the rearwards sliding one-piece canopy.
Among the most recent Strikemaster customers is the RNZAF, which took delivery of 10 Mk 88s during 1972.
The Strikemaster cockpit, showing the two reflector gunsights and the armament selection switches on the panel above the "basic six". Apart from these features, the layout closely resembles that of the Jet Provost.
BAC 167 Strikemaster Mk.88
Three-view drawing of the BAC 167 Strikemaster 80.
The Jet Provost T Mk 55 is similar to the Strikemaster but has a less powerful engine.