Air Enthusiast 1973-03
??? - Martinair Holland: "A sheep with five legs" /Airline in outline/
Inevitably, the venerable Dakota has figured prominently in the Martinair fleet. PH-SCC being one of five operated at various times.
The DC-8-55F PH-MAS in pre-1972 markings.
The lastest Martinair livery, which is depicted on the DC-10 Srs 30FC. The aircraft is scheduled for delivery next November.
The Fokker F28 Mk 1000 PH-MAT is on long-term lease from Fokker and is shown in these illustration in the pre-1972 livery.
The Fokker F28 Mk 1000 PH-MAT is on long-term lease from Fokker and is shown in these illustrations in the pre-1972 livery. Martinair is also responsible for maintaining the Netherlands Royal Flight F28.
The red/white/blue striping on the tail was a familiar feature of the Martinair livery until 1971.
Three of Martinairs four DC-7Cs acquired from KLM are seen awaiting business on the apron of the old and now-disused Schiphol terminal.
The first four-engined aircraft in the Martinair fleet was this de Havilland Heron, PH-VLA, which for most of the time it was owned by the company was on lease to Lufthansa.
The two Convairliners acquired by Martinair - one 340 and one 440 - were both later converted to have Dart turboprops as Convair 600s.
The McDonnell DC-9 Srs 30 PH-MAX in the latest Martinair livery
Standby of the Martinair Holland fleet for short medium-range operations is the McDonnell Douglas DC-9 Srs 30, of which the company currently operates four examples - one all-passenger and three passenger freight convertibles. The example shown is in the lastest Martinair livery.
The appropriately-registered Dove PH-MAC was Martinair's first aircraft, acquired in 1958.
The Cessna 402 was obtained by Martinair in 1972 for the executive and corporate charters.