Air Enthusiast 1973-03
Plane facts
The first prototype Piaggio P.108B heavy bomber which commenced its flight test programme on 21 November 1939.
After modification the first prototype Piaggio P.108B served as the prototype P.108A anti-shipping aircraft.
The installation of the 102-mm cannon in the forward fuselage of the P.108A anti-shipping aircraft. It will be noted that the gun was mounted at an oblique angle and was fed from a 50-round magazine in the portside of the fuselage.
The I-320 (R-1) two-seat twin-engined experimental all-weather interceptor designed by the Mikoyan-Gurevich design collective in the late 'forties.
The first HAL-assembled Harlow PC-5A tandem two-seat trainer flown in August 1941 and delivered to the Indian Air Force as DR423. The main wheels are seen partly retracted in this illustration of the PC-5A taking off.