Air Enthusiast 1996-11
M.Ingham - Wrong Place, Wrong Time
Dragon EI-ABl (the second) on the airfield at St Mary’s with a Brymon Airways DHC Dash 7 as a backdrop, September 1987.
DH.84 Dragon 2 G-ACPY in GW&SL/AAJC camouflage and markings, circa 1940.
Dragon G-ADDI took over from the unfortunate G-ACPY on the Scilly route. It went on to an illustrious postwar career and is still extant in the USA.
Dragon G-ACPY on the golf course, St Mary’s, in Channel Air Ferries livery, probably 1938.
G-ACPY on the new airfield at St .Mary's, 1939.
Hugh Town, St Mary’s, in Ihe Isles of Scilly as viewed from a DH Dragon prewar.
Dragon G-ADDI on the airfield at St Mary's in AAJC camouflage and markings, probably in 1942.