Air Enthusiast 1996-11
K.Wixey - Incidental Combatant (1)
Ramp scene at Amsterdam-Schiphol June 25, 1938, dominated by Fw 200 V2 D-AETA ‘ Westfalen ’ of DLH. Alongside it is Fokker-assembled Douglas DC-3 PH-ARZ ‘Ijsvogel' of KLM. To the left is Curtiss T-32 Condor G-AEZE of International Air Freight and to its right KLM Lockheed Super Electra PH-APE ‘Ekster’.
In revised colour scheme and re-registered WL+2600, Hitler’s personal Condor was named ‘Immelmann III'.
Fw 200A-0, D-AXFO ‘Pommern ’ of Lufthansa, later went to Brazil as PP-CBI ‘Abaitara’ with Syndicato Condor Limitada.
Powered by 830hp (619kW) BMW 132-H radial engines, early pre-production Condor sold to DDL of Denmark as OY-DAM and named ‘Dania’.
DDL Fw 200A-04 OY-DEM 'Jutlandia'
Prototype Fw 200 V1 after acquiring registration D-AERE and Lufthansa livery. Straight leading edge to outer wing panels are clearly seen.
Fw 200 (S8) D-ACVH ‘Grenzmark’, was ordered by the RLM as a VIP transport for German government officials.
Second Condor (Fw 200 V-2) D-AETA of DLH before modification of sweepback to outer wing panels.
The prototype Focke-Wulf Fw 200 V1 Condor in bare metal finish with original fin and rudder.
Focke-Wulf Fw 200A-03, D-AMHC ‘Nordmark’ of DLH. Note two-bladed propellers and single main wheels.
Focke-Wulf Fw 200A Condor.