Air Enthusiast 1996-11
Hanna Reitsch in the front cockpit of the MB326 talking to Massimo Ralli, Aermacchi test pilot, Accra, April 1963.
Sergeant Pilot R E Tollerfield with his navigator and Bristol F.2b at Mansion.
Tollerfield in front of an Avro at Moordown.
Tollerfield ready to pilot a couple of Australian passengers over the area. Note the RAF roundel which has not been painted out.
Bearing the race number ‘4’, FE.2b G-EAHC as flown by U Carter Smith in one of the Moordown air races. G-EAHC was the only FE.2b to go onto the UK civil register. Built as D3832 by Garrett and Sons of Leiston, it was registered in July 1919 to Carter Smith but transferred to the Bournemouth Aviation Company in March 1920. It was withdrawn from use by August 1921.
A Romanian SET on a visit to Italy. Perhaps it is the SET-41R flown in July 1933 on a nine-day European tour, but doubtless others will supply more detailed information.