Air Enthusiast 1998-09
J.Goulding - Meteor Hopefuls
Meteor IV test-bed RA435 equipped with reheat.
The Avon Meteor, Mk.IV RA491. Note the anti-spin parachute housing at the end of the fin/tailplane fairing.
The Armed Trainer was based upon the T.7, but had the outer wings of the projected eight-gun fighter.
The F.8 prototype, VT150. This was made up from Mk.IV fighter components with a parallel section added between the front fuselage and centre fuselage. The F.8 became the ultimate single-seater interceptor fighter version.
The Meteor GAF being flown with a wing tip tank on the starboard side only to test handling qualities with a tank ‘hung-up ’.
Another view of the Meteor GAF, this time carrying four 1,000 lb bombs.
Meteor eight-gun development of the F.8. New outer wings each housed two 20mm guns.
The proposed Meteor Development with reduced span and 20° of leading edge sweep. Despite its looks, it would have been a largely new aircraft.
Avon-engined project based upon the F.8. Little of the Mk.8 was actually left, mainly in the fuselage area.
Three-view of the first projected Avon-engined Meteor project.