Aeroplane Monthly 1973-07
Personal album
This dramatic three-picture sequence shows Blackburn Shark II K8466 of 800 Squadron Fleet Air Arm during and after a landing collision with the Courageous superstructure. Both the pilot, Lt "Slob" Solby, and his passenger were unhurt.
Picture shows the Blackburn patent torpedo carrier beneath the fuselage and the Universal bomb-carriers on the wings.
An anonymous Blackburn Shark makes its presence felt on the bridge.
Blackburn Baffin (Ripon conversion) S1662 is retrieved after hitting the island of H.M.S. Courageous and going overboard.
Hawker Nimrod I S1635, which served with 802 and 800 Squadrons in Courageous, hit the ship's superstructure on February 23, 1937. Visible damage includes a punctured port wheel, broken propeller and severely "bent” port wing-tips.
Nimrod II K2912 went into store in the Mediterranean area in September 1935 and then entered service with 800 Squadron in Courageous from March 1936. On September 1 of that year it force-landed in the sea and is seen after the retrieval, shown in picture. The starboard underwing bomb carrier is well displayed.
Nimrods seemed to be attracted by superstructure. This accident bears close resemblance to that in previous picture, although the starboard undercarriage legs seem to be in need of support.