Aeroplane Monthly 1976-04
R.Baxter - A touch of the Gregory Pecks
Dakota III FZ554 landing at Camilla, Italy on July 24, 1944. Nearly 2,000 Dakotas were provided by the USA for the RAF under the lend lease agreement. Over 50 RAF Squadrons and as many other units used the aircraft during the war.
Самолеты Dakota Mk III из 267-й эскадрильи на авиабазе Бари, Италия, 1944 год. В ходе итальянской кампании аэродром активно использовался британскими ВВС и ВВС Армии США.
A line of RAF Transport Command Dakotas seen at Bari, Italy, a well-known staging post during the war.
A line of Transport Command Dakotas at a staging post in the Middle East.
Dakota 'S for Sugar’ flying over the picturesque Grecian Islands near Missolonghi.
An RAF Dakota lands past a Lockheed Hudson at a Middle East airfield.
R.Baxter seated in the left hand seat of a Dakota.