Aeroplane Monthly 1977-03
W.Goodman - Flying for the US Marines (3)
An earlier version of the distinctive Duck was the J2F-1, seen here flying from Anacostia in 1936. This machine, 0162, was the first of 20 J2F-1s built.
It was in an “ancient” Grumman Duck like the one seen here that the author made two of his last flights in Marine service, visiting the natives on Vella Lavella Island.
A native canoe from the village of Paramata, Vella Lavella Island, greets the author’s Grumman J2F-5 Duck. The village is just visible on the right.
Самолеты Avenger Корпуса морской пехоты США готовятся к взлету на авиабазе Пива для нанесения удара. Плацдарм союзных войск на Бугенвиле был объектом периодических налетов японцев и обстрелов из скрытого в горах морского артиллерийского орудия, прозванного "Pistol Pete".
TBFs taxiing out at Piva Uncle in February 1944. Enemy troops still occupied the distant ridge.
TBFs await clearance for take-off from Piva Uncle in February 1944, all set to make a strike against Japanese shipping.
Two TBFs take off from Piva Uncle strip in January 1944, bound for Japanese targets at Rabaul. Other TBFs are just visible on the taxiway.