Aeroplane Monthly 1977-03
A.Jackson - Junkers uber England
Photograph shows BEA’s Junkers Ju 52/3m G-AHOF landing at Croydon on the southbound service from Belfast via Speke (albeit 40 minutes late) on December 7, 1946.
Loading G-AHOC outside the Croydon Croydon on April 3, 1947.
56 оставшихся в Германии в летной годности Ju 52/3m были перевезены в Великобританию. Из них 10 передали BEA - они получили регистрационные номера с G-AHOC по G-AHOL и эксплуатировались на маршруте Кройдон - Ливерпуль - Белфаст.
G-AHOG with starter trolley plugged in, among snow and ice at Speke, February 21, 1947.
G-AHOE in dispersal at Croydon on April 3, 1947.
Putting G-AHOH away for the night in the old Aircraft Disposal Company hangars at Croydon on April 3, 1947.
BEA engineers running up the engines of G-AHOJ at Croydon on April 3, 1947.
The author, on the right, about to board G-AHOG at Speke on February 21, 1947. This aircraft, together with most of the Jupiter fleet, was scrapped a year later at Warrington.
Between layers of snow clouds, somewhere over the Irish Sea in G-AHOG on February 21, 1947.
The hulk of G-AHOK propped up on 40-gallon fuel drums at Renfrew, February 22, 1947. Note how the BEA logo and name has been crudely painted out.
An engine change at Speke, July 1947.