Aeroplane Monthly 1977-04
P.Wills - Radar guinea-pigs
Avro 504N G-ADBM was originally K1055, and flew with the CFS until sold off on April 23, 1934. Its first civilian owner was Air Travel Ltd, and after various other owners ’DBM's last prewar home was Heston, with Air Publicity Ltd, where it did much banner towing. In June 1940 ’DBM was impressed into RAF service and was allotted the serial AX871, although it is doubtful if it ever bore service markings. Because of its towing gear the 504N joined the Special Duties Flight at Christchurch, when it was flown by the author, but its career was cut short when it hit a watch hut whilst taking off from RAF Hawkinge on August 1, 1940.