Aeroplane Monthly 1977-04
H.Seabrook-Smith - Berlin air lift (1)
Douglas Skymasters of US Air Transport Command at Gatow.
Avro Lancaster G-AHVN was acquired from BOAC and flown to Germany in 1948 and used as a tanker.
Bristol Wayfarer (Freighter ???) G-AHJC and RAF Yorks at Gatow in 1948.
Two Yorks and a Tudor II taxi out at Gatow.
RAF Avro Yorks, seen here at Gatow in September 1948, moved 230,000 tons of supplies to Berlin, making approximately 29,000 flights.
Skyway’s Avro York G-AHLV flew 467 sorties on the lift and was named Sky Courier.
Eagle Aviation’s Halifax C.Mk.8 G-ALEF was previously registered to the Norwegian airline Vingtor Airways as LN-OAT.
Halifax C.Mk.8 G-AIAP, owned by Eagle Aviation Ltd, made the last civil flight of the Air Lift on August 15, 1949.
Avro Tudor G-AGRJ, still in British South American Airways livery, in use as a tanker. This aircraft never flew with BSAA, and was scrapped at Stansted in August 1956.
Avro Tudor Mk 5 G-AKBY flew with Air flight Ltd and once made a take-off with elevator control locks in position.
Two Yorks and a Tudor II taxi out at Gatow.
A line-up of Avro Lancastrian tankers. Many ex-BOAC and BSAA Lancastrians were fitted with large tanks capable of carrying 2,500 gal of petrol or diesel oil.
Three RAF squadrons of Hastings took part in the lift, or Operation Plainfare, as it was code-named.