Air Pictorial 1978-01
C.Shores - The Occupation of Madagascar, 1942 (1)
Grumman Martlets of Nos. 881 and 882 Squadrons parked on the flight deck of H.M.S. "Illustrious" during the approach of the Royal Navy task force to Madagascar
Martlet II of No. 881 Squadron receives the signal to take off from Illustrious"
The first S.A.A.F. flights to Madagascar were by Junkers Ju 52/3m transports from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. One of these aircraft is seen on Arrachart airfield in company with a liaison D.H. Puss Moth.
Aircraft of No. 20 Squadron, S.A.A.F., on an airfield in Northern Rhodesia en route to Madagascar - three Beauforts in foreground and a Maryland behind
S.A.A.F. Martin Maryland of No. 20 Squadron soon after arrival at Diego Suarez's Arrachart airfield; note damaged hangar behind. Six of these aircraft (formerly of No. 32 Flight) together with sixteen Bristol Beauforts (ex-Nos. 36 and 37 Flights) made up the squadron's complement
French A.F. Morane 406 fighters from Capitaine Leonetti's Groupe Aerien Mixte, based at Ivato early in 1942. Under their wings they carry the Matricule Militaire numbers L735, L871 and L775
Left: Morane 406 No. 642 of Escadrille 565 - apparently one of those shot down by Royal Navy Martlets of No. 661 Squadron on 7th May 1942 near Diego Suarez. Right: Close-up of the tail of Morane 406 No. 642. Note the unit badge (a stylised eagle's head), red and yellow recognition stripes on the fin, and the presence of several bullet holes
French A.F. Potez 25TOE army co-operation aircraft on a Madagascan airfield before the war.
A wrecked Potez 25TOE and two Potez 63-11s
Fairey Swordfish, probably from No. 829 Squadron off H.M.S. "Illustrious", at Durban airfield, South Africa, in April 1942. The carrier left Durban on 28th April for Madagascar with twenty Swordfish aboard
The ground echelon and equipment of No. 20 Squadron, S.A.A.F.. were flown to Madagascar by a dozen S.A.A.F. Lockheed Lodestar transports, which were also used to maintain supplies throughout the campaign. Lodestar No. 243 is seen here at Diego Suarez; it was formerly ZS-ATD, c/n. 243
Potez 29 air ambulance over typical Madagascan terrain
Four of the seven Potez 63-11s of Escadrille 555 of the Groupe Aerien Mixte at Ivato-Tananarive airfield. In addition to French A.F. roundels, they are wearing Vichy red and yellow striped recognition markings