Aeroplane Monthly 1979-11
Hawker Hurricane Mk I
North American AT-16 G-BBHK/FH153, owned by R.Lamplough and based at Duxford
This photo was taken from the tail-gun position of a North American B-25 Mitchell over Duxford in 1978, and shows Lt Cdr Chris Johnson of the Royal Navy’s Yeovilton-based Historic Aircraft Flight approaching in Sea Fury FB.11 TF956. Lt Cdr Johnson retired in September of this year.
Avro Lincoln A73-29, representing one of the many types covered in Aircraft of the RAAF 1921-1978.
Percival Gull IV G-ACGR as it was found in Brussels. Now the property of the Brussels Air Museum, major components are sought, including a Napier Javelin III engine, undercarriage and various fairings and covers. It was once the property of Sir Philip Sassoon, to whom it was registered on May 12, 1933.
The photograph depicts Rolls-Royce chief test pilot, Capt R. T. Shepherd, demonstrating the pure-jet performance of Avro Lancastrian VH742, fitted with a pair of Nene RN1 jet engines in the outboard nacelles. First flight took place on August 14, 1946.
John Fairey's Fairey Flycatcher reproduction, G-BEYB/S1278, during its appearance at RNAS Yeovilton on August 1.