Air International 1979-01
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Emblem applicable to Hs 129B-1 of 8.Staffel/Schlachtgeschwader (Sch.G.) 1, which, formed at Lippstadt, was operational over Kursk Salient (summer 1943) before redesignation (in October) as 11.(Pz)/SG 9.
Hs 129B-1 of 8./Sch.G.2 operating from Tunis-El Alouina (February 1943) and (from May) from Decimomanu, Sardinia. Note dapple over national emblem and rear fuselage band.
Hs 129B-1 of the Grupul 8 Asalt of the Royal Romanian Corpul 1 Aerian operating in the Soviet Union under Luftflotte 4 in the autumn of 1943.
Hs 129B-1 of 8./Sch.G.1 operating in the Soviet Union in February 1943. Note the temporary white winter finish sprayed over the standard two-tone green upper surface finish.
Hs 129B-2/R2 of IV (Pz)/SG 9 at Czernovitz (March 1944) as a component of the VII Fliegerkorps. This unit was formed on 10 October 1943 by combining all five Hs 129B-equipped staffeln
Hs 129B-2 of 10.(Pz)/SG 9 (formerly 4./Sch.G.1). Note "Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen", the close support emblem on nose and tank "kill" emblems on rudder.
An Hs 129B-1 of 4./Sch.G.2 operating in Libya in November 1942.
An Hs 129B-3/Wa of 14.(Pz)/SG 9 late in 1944. Note unit markings applied over radio call sign.
The upper surface planviews are applicable (left) to all aircraft with the schwarzgrun and dunkelgrun upper surface camouflage, and (right) to the desert finish applied to the aircraft. Note detail of “Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen".