Air International 1979-02
??? - Mil Hind-D /In Soviet Service/ (2)
The photograph taken during the 'Karpaty' manoeuvres, shows Hind-Ds of the Cis-Carpathian Military District. Note that these have their laser ranger installed in the inboard port ordnance pylon.
The principal features of the Hind-D illustrated.
The principal features of the Hind-D illustrated and enumerated are: (1) low-speed precision airspeed sensor; (2) Gatling-type machine gun; (3) slaved gun radar and LLTV housings; (4) local titanium armour skinning; (5) aft-retracting nosewheel; (6) twin-AT-2 missile launchers; (7) aft-and-inward retracting mainwheel; (8) VB-32 rocket pods: (9) GIK-1 gyromagnetic compass fairing: (10) RV-5 radar altimeter antennae; (11) tail bumper; (12) powered slab tailplane; (13) laser ranger - transferred from inboard pylon; (14) ordnance pylon; (15) engine exhaust; (16) titanium rotor head; (17) engine air intakes; (18) fixed canopy for pilot - entry door on starboard; (19) side-hinging weapon operator's canopy; (20) pilot tube.