Air International 1979-04
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A Yak-1 flown by Lt Col A E Golubov of the 18 IAP (Fighter Aviation Regiment) at Khationki in the spring of 1943.
A Yak-1 flown by Lilya Litvak of the 73 IAP. Lilya Litvak was the most successful Soviet female fighter pilot, claiming 12 "kills" prior to her death on 1 September 1943.
A Yak-1 of an unidentified IAP with a temporary winter finish operating in the Central Sector in the winter of 1941-42. Note curved rearview panels and lack of radio mast.
A Yak-1 flown by Snr Lt M D Baranov of the 183 IAP in the summer of 1942. The inscription "Death to Fascists" was applied crudely aft of the 27 white stars indicating "kills".
A Yak-1M of the 1ere escadrille of the Normandie-Niemen regiment at Monastirchina, October 1943. This unit was formed on the Yak-1M at Ivanovo in December 1942.
A Yak-1M flown by Sergei Lugansky, the legend on the central fuselage indicating that the aircraft was presented by the Youth and Young Communists of Alma Ata. Hero of the Soviet Union Lugansky gained 32 "kills".
A Yak-1M of the Polish 1st "Warszawa" Fighter Regiment operating in the Warsaw area in the late autumn of 1944.
A Yak-1M flown by B N Yevemen, winter 1942-43. Inscription reads: "To the pilot of the Stalingrad Front Guards Major comrade Yevemen. From the collective farmworkers of the Collective Farm "Stakhanov" comrade F P Golovatov".
Yak-1M flown by Aleksei M Reshetov, summer 1942, "(From) Collective workers of Shatovskovo village soviet, Ivanovskovo District, Zaporozhskoy Oblast, (to) HSU Guards Major Reshetov".
A Yak-1M of an unidentified IAP operating in the Ukraine in the summer of 1942, the inscription below the cockpit reads: "The railway workers of Rtishchevo".