Air International 1979-07
E.Brown - A Shipboard Luminary ... Fairey's Final Fighter /Viewed from the Cockpit/
A Firefly AS Mk 6 (WD918).
The first development Firefly (Z1826) in its definitive form
A standard production Firefly I (DT985) with redesigned windscreen and canopy seen flying with a pair of 1.000-lb (453,6-kg) bombs, the carriage of which initially posed a number of problems at the RAE.
These photographs of the Firefly FR Mk I (above) and the Firefly AS Mk 6 (below) taken from similar angles depict graphically the changed appearance of the aircraft resulting from the introduction of leading-edge radiators and clipped wingtips.
Fairey Firefly FR Mk 4
Firefly F Mk I
Firefly FR Mk IV