Air International 1979-08
??? - Westland's WG30 fot the 'eighties
The Westland WG 30 is Europe's newest helicopter, developed around the dynamic system of the Lynx with a cabin optimised for load-carrying.
10 апреля 1979г.: появилась увеличенная двухдвигательная транспортная версия вертолета Lynx, WG.30, фирмы "Westland", ориентированная на VIP-рынок, а также на обычных пассажиров и грузоперевозки.
Illustrated in the air is the first of the two prototypes of the Westland WG 30, which made its initial flight on 10 April 1979. The second prototype is expected to fly later this summer.
Westland WG 30