Air International 1979-08
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A V-VS Li-2 (spring 1945) in three-tone camouflage scheme with black undersurfaces for nocturnal operation. Note glazing of crew entry door (with bulged upper panel), late-type turret and lateral 7,62-mm ShKAS gun hatches.
A V-VS Li-2 (winter 1944-45) in all-white scheme with high-visibility wingtips (above and below), VUS-1 dorsal turret and ski undercarriage. Note positions of radio mast and D/F loop.
An Li-2T of the Polish Air Force Officers' School at Deblin (1973). The Li-2T was known popularly as the 'Litka' in Polish Air Force service and was retired in 1974.
An Li-2G of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) operating on mixed freight and passenger services on internal routes from Peiking (summer 1957). Note emblem (left) with stylised map of China.
An Li-2 serving in the utility transport role with the Czechoslovak Air Force (circa 1969). Note that this model had no freight doors in the fuselage portside.
A V-VS Li-2 (circa 1944) in dark green and olive camouflage with white undersurfaces.
A V-VS Li-2D paratroop transport and glider tug (circa 1945). Note glazed crew entry door which, projecting at top and incorporating bulged upper panel, served for paradrop observation purposes.
Paratroops boarding an Li-2 equipped with the bulbous VUS-1 dorsal turret
A close-up view showing the cold-weather baffle plate inserted in the engine cowlings of some Li-2s.