Aeroplane Monthly 1980-05
D.Middleton - Airspeed Oxford /RAF piston trainers/
The prototype Oxford, L4534, during its appearance at the RAF Pageant at Hendon in June 1937. Note the “New Type” number on the nose and mid-fuselage.
FOR MULTI-ENGINE TRAINING: The Oxford, a military development of the Airspeed Envoy, made its bow to the public at Hendon on Saturday. It provides for general training in the flying of the larger types of aircraft, in gunnery, in bombing, photography and other duties.
Oxford Mk I L4543, from the first batch, up from Portsmouth in March 1938.
Three of the first production Oxfords with No 11 FTS, Wittering, Northants, in March 1938. Note the dorsal turret on L4544.
Oxford Is L4541-L4544 at Portsmouth, awaiting delivery to No 11 FTS.
Factory-fresh Oxford I L4576.
Oxfords of No 3 FTS, South Cerney, in 1938.
Another group of Mk Is of No 3 FTS.
Camouflaged Oxfords of 3 FTS in July 1939.
Oxford IIs P8833 and P8832 were equipped as ambulances.
Oxford Mk V AS592 served in the UK as a development aircraft. One of the two intakes fitted to each Wasp Junior cowling can be seen.
Oxford I AS504 was tested with a pair of Gipsy Queens in 1940.