Air International 1980-04
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An example of the Aero L 39 Albatross in Middle East colours and bearing the insignia of the Iraqi Air Force Academy.
Of the jet trainers discussed in the accompanying article, the most successful, in terms of production, is the Aero L 39 Albatross, sales of which are approaching the 1,000 mark thanks to its selection as the standard trainer in the Soviet Union and its associated Warsaw Pact nations (except Poland). Illustrated is an export model for Iraq.
The first production model Aermacchi MB 339, which is now in series manufacture for service with the Aeronautica Militare as a replacement for the MB 326.
The Aermacchi MB 339 has yet to win an export order but its low cost and commonality with the MB 326 make it attractive in some markets. A single-seat version is reported to be on the point of entering flight test.
Alpha Jet E продолжают служить в ВВС Бельгии во франко-бельгийской летной школе. Как ожидается, их не спишут до 2015 года. Школу основали в Казо, Франция, в 2004 году.
An Alpha Jet of the Force Aerienne Beige, first of the export customers to put it into service.
Dassault-Breguet/Dornier Alpha Jets in service with the Armee de l’Air. To date, the Alpha Jet has won six export orders (in addition to the French and German contracts which served to launch its production ).
The British Aerospace-owned Hawk demonstrator painted in "naval grey” as part of the current effort to interest the US Navy in the Hawk for its VTXTS requirement. British Aerospace has teamed with McDonnell Douglas to offer a modified Hawk to the US Navy and is also participating with MDD in the latter's submission of an all-new trainer design. The Alpha Jet and MB-339 are also contenders, together with numerous domestic proposals.
Export deliveries of the British Aerospace Hawk are about to begin as this issue went to press. Illustrated is the company demonstrator with gun pod and eight 1,000-lb (454-kg) bombs.
Something of a dark horse in the jet trainer sales stakes is the Siai-Marchetti S.211, a prototype of which is now being built following the mid-1979 decision to commit company funds to its development.
Another type yet to achieve an export sales breakthrough is the CASA C-101, now in production for the Spanish Air Force.