Air International 1980-04
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После 1965 года основой истребительной мощи ВВС Пакистана стали китайские истребители Shenyang F-6 (экспортный вариант самолета J-6, лицензионного китайского МиГ-19). 74 таких самолета поступили на замену машин Sabre. Позднее их оснастили ракетами AIM-9 Sidewinder.
Видимо, это тот самый случай, когда индийцам удалось сбить в воздушном бою пакистанский F-6. Оцените дистанцию в маневренном бою сверхзвуковых самолетов.
At the time of the Indo-Pak conflict of 1965, the backbone of the Pakistan A ir Force was provided by the F-86F Sabre. Soon after the conflict, the F-86F was supplemented and largely replaced by the Chaenchi 6-bin, or F-6, the Chinese-built clear-weather version of the MiG-19S, which remains very much in evidence in the Pakistani inventory today and is here seen through the gunsight of a USAF F-15A Eagle.
A photograph of the half-scale Stirling, the Short S.31, mounted in the 24-ft ( 7,32-m) wind tunnel at the RAE Farnborough in June 1940, at which time it was fitted with half-scale mock-ups of the Boulton Paul Type O ventral turret and Type H dorsal turret; both of these twin 20-mm cannon turrets were projected for eventual installation in a Stirling variant.
One of the USAF's EC-130E electronic surveillance versions (noted in Air Scene/October 1979), with a dorsal blade aerial and other new features, photographed at Rhein-Main Air Base, Germany, in September 1979.
An MC-130E drone launcher/retriever, photographed at Rhein-Main Air Base, Germany, in September 1979.