Aeroplane Monthly 1976-07
A.Ord-Hume - Chilton D.W.1 /British pre-war ultralights/
Chilton D.W.1A G-AFSV, flown by the late Sqn Ldr "Manx” Kelly, near Booker in 1969. This aircraft was re-engined with a 62 h.p. Walter Mikron 2 in 1956.
The two photographs show Chilton G-AFGl in its original configuration, top, and re-engined with a 55 h.p. Lycoming and sporting a sliding canopy, bottom.
G-AESZ, the prototype Chilton D.W.1, photographed just after completion, probably at Chilton, Hungerford, in Berkshire, 1937.
Another view of the prototype Chilton, location unknown.
Chilton D.W.1 G-AFGH flying near Denham in 1949, with Sqn Ldr H. R. Bilborough at the controls.
Chilton D.W.1A G-AFSV pulling Ranald Porteus at the time he flew the aircraft at Derby in 1948.
The prototype Chilton was wrecked during a forced landing at Felixstowe, Suffolk, on May 24, 1953, only two years after being reconstructed.
Sqn Ldr H. R. Bilborough nudges Chilton G-AFGH closer to the camera over Denham in 1949. Dr Miles Bickerton owned both the Chilton and Denham aerodrome at the time.
The prototype Chilton G-AESZ, in red and silver livery.
Another view of the Mikron-engined D.W.1A G-AFSV Barbara Ann III.
Chilton G-AFGH was re-engined with a 55 h.p. Lycoming O-145-A2 flat four, and parts of the D.W.2 were used to restore ’GH to flying condition in the early 1950s. Note the addition of the bubble canopy.
The simple panel and adequately sized cockpit of the Chilton.
Chilton D.W.1